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We can offer a digital solution for your NDT needs and high quality imaging plates, as well as other Industrex NDT films.  We can also offer all the accessories that coincide with RT! 


HPX-1 the first CR system designed specifically for NDT!

It’s been rigorously tested in the NDT environment, and Carestream is so confident in the quality they are giving a second year of full product warranty absolutely free when you purchase your next HPX-1 system within 90 days of your demo.

AIP is proud to feature Carestream Film - the only American-made NDT film.


Industrex HS800 Film

Industrex AA400 Film

Industrex T200 Film

Industrex MX125 Film

Industrex M100 Film

Industrex DR50 Film

Also Featuring Lanex fast screens.  A rare-earth screen that provides extra x-ray absorption and reduced radiation exposure in NDT radiography applications.  For your highest speed requirements,  use with INDUSTREX High Speed HS 800 film.  You will be amazed!

Lanex screens