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We feature Magnaflux, Ely (Chemetall),  and Met-L-Chek


SPOTCHECK is a red visible nondestructive test method, which provides for the detection of surface discontinuities (flaws) in ferrous and non-ferrous test materials. Ideal for applications where portability is required Available in aerosol or liquid form The vivid red color permits daylight inspection Meets major military specifications A complete line of cleaners and developers, as well as Water Wash or Post Emulsifiable penetrants, are available

Spotcheck is the most reliable and widely used penetrant inspection method that reveals cracks and other surface discontinuities in virtually any non-porous material. Spotcheck's formulation, using a high concentration of quality dyes, together with high quality solvents, provides the best possible dye penetrants for finding the smallest and finest defects. Other products may skimp on dyes or use inferior solvents that cut costs. In doing so, indications do not appear as bright or vibrant and cracks can be missed. Some inferior solvents may also cause health hazards. Our developer's even spray pattern insures a uniform coating, as where the spray of some developer is too harsh, which can impair the function of the developer. Our Spotcheck products are the most widely used in the inspection of welds in a variety of industries. Dependability, consistency and safety should be the major concern in your inspection process - MAGNAFLUX has it!


ZYGLO is an extremely sensitive fluorescent penetrant inspection method that reveals cracks and other surface discontinuities in virtually any non-porous material. ZYGLO is available in aerosols and liquid form Five sensitivity levels to satisfy military, industry or company specifications Water Wash and Post Emulsifiable penetrants are available A full line of emulsifiers, removers and developers

Zyglo fluorescent penetrants are formulated to offer improved sensitivity, brightness and resistance to over-washing. Just like our visible penetrants, we use high quality raw materials to give superior results in finding defects. Our Zyglo penetrant products are known in the industry for their consistent performance and reliability. They are preferred by many of the largest aircraft manufacturers and overhaul facilities.

manufactures penetrant materials, accessories and equipment; making us a one-stop shop. We are involved in the total process from start to finish, and produce our products to perform to the utmost of effectiveness when used together.

Ely Chemical Company is unique in the ability to provide a comprehensive range of approved products for Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, and Ultrasonic testing eniterly from our own design,development and manufacture.

colour contrast penetrants, developers and cleaner / removers.

BRITEMOR approved water washable and post removable fluorescent penetrants, developers and cleaner / removers.

SUPRAMOR colour contrast ( black & red) inks for colour contrast magnetic particle inspection, including white contrast paints.

fluorescent magnetic particle inspection products.

dry powders for magnetic particle inspection, both colour contrast and combined visual / fluorescent products.

ultrasonic couplant for general purpose, aerospace and high temperature applications.

accessories for penetrant and magnetic particle inspection.