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The CMX Multi-Purpose Material & Coating Thickness Gauge


The new CMX series thickness gauges (with flaw detection) are the latest addition to the Dakota product line. It's a brand new DSP platform, using FPGA technology. We've designed a multi-purpose material and coating thickness platform with a ton of capabilities. The CMX features include: auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation, and a stand-alone coating only mode. The standard pulse-echo and thru-paint echo-echo modes are also ongoing features included in the mix.


Not only will the CMX simultaneously measure the material and coating thickness, but it will also find pits & flaws at the same time! A custom calibration configuration for both the material and coating types offers extreme linearity. Our custom transducer linearity table enables all of our dual element transducers to operate only with precision.


Create and store 64 custom setups for all your common testing applications. Switch into the time based B-Scan view, to enable a cross section view of the material your inspecting. Kick the CMX into high gear, enabling our high speed scan at 50 readings per second!


The CMX DL contains a multi-format data logger and extra storage capacity, and the best part is the price!

The MMX series Thickness Gauge


The MMX-6 is a simple to use hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the ability to measure through paint and coatings and eliminate the thickness of the paint or coating. The MMX-6 uses a dual element style transducer. With the single press of a button, the MMX-6 can be switched between pit or flaw mode (pulse-echo), and through paint/coatings mode (echo-echo) for maximum inspection efficiency. The MMX-6 is equipped with a bundle of features to make your job easier: Alarm mode, high speed scanning, and data send are the main features of the MMX-6. This unit comes as a ready to use, complete kit, and is backed by a Dakota Ultrasonics 5 year limited warranty.

Dakota Ultrasonics DFX - 7


This unit is both an ultrasonic flaw detector, as well as an ultrasonic A/B Scan thickness scope, in a single unit.  Just as the CMX DL+, the thickness gauge portion of this unit is specifically setup to very accurately measure thickness, locate pits, flaws and blind surface corrosion. All the linearity tables, correction curves for various types of longitudinal transducers and features are built with dimensional thickness as its primary focus. The Flaw detector portion is designed to detect, size, position, and differentiate between flaw types in various materials and welded joints.  Check with your regional sales rep for more information!